What Can It Do For You?

With DRIVE you'll learn the tools and concepts needed to create a marketing plan for your practice. With the Jumpstart Kit added into the mix, you'll have the tangible tools to implement the plan immediately. You'll learn how it's possible to:

  • Generate $6,000 of revenue from yearly events
  • Increase revenue by $72,000 a year
  • Increase ROI by 200% on a low-cost investment
  • And Much More....

What people are saying about DRIVE?

"I purchased the book "DRIVE" at the Multi-Specialty convention in Las Vegas this past June after being an attendee in the Manager/Marketing forum. After witnessing Tracy give several presentations in addition to also moderating the meeting, it was clear to me that she really knew what she was talking about. I was in need of inspiration and motivation as the leader of my practice, and I certainly got what I came for! It was refreshing to have a book to turn to, written by someone who has "been there, done that" and can relate to many of the marketing obstacles we face running an aesthetic practice. DRIVE is full of unique and easy-to-implement ideas that you can introduce to your practice immediately. I would recommend this book to ANY manager in search of a little push!"

"I consider Tracy Weldon to be a master marketer and business strategist, and I found the information in this book to be priceless. One reading wasn't enough. I've been through it twice and will certainly dive in again at some point."

"Drive is a powerful marketing tool for everyone! I thoroughly enjoyed the writer's unique style and her ability to make success obtainable. She spells it out in a way that it becomes a simple format to follow. It is truly a treasure!"